WArm Undertones

I knew this girl in high school who had the best color of blonde hair. I overheard her talking about her hair color one day and found out that she used a box color called "Ash Blonde". I was delighted to hear it was a box color and it meant that I was less than ten dollars away from having that gorgeous blonde for myself. I asked the exact brand and stopped by the dollar store after school to pick it up. That night, I put the color on my hair and, while it processed, I imagined flipping my new light blonde hair over my tan shoulder. I pictured how my blue eyes would pop brightly against the backdrop of Ash Blonde instead of my natural dirty blonde.

I finished all the steps, washing my hair upside down in the tub, and using that special box color conditioner that made my hair feel like silk. I panicked a little when I stood up and took the towel off my hair. There's no way to describe the color other than... orange. It was wet and I wanted to reserve my full judgment for when it was dry, but it was almost florescent. Drying it didn't change much and going to school the next day with orange hair did nothing to help my popularity. 

I didn't know it then, but my DNA --my own God-given natural pigment-- was a huge factor in what color my hair turned out. I have warm undertones and that means that, unless I follow a very specific set of guidelines,  I will suffer from warm hair for the rest of my cool-blonde-loving life.

I'm here to help you with the specific set of guidelines. 

1) You need to go lighter with your hair than you actually want, so that your stylist can bring it back down to the tone you want without the warmth. Only a professional can do this, so find someone you trust. It's not cheap because the risk is high. So is the time it takes to get there and the maintenance to keep you there. If you want platinum, the lightest of the light, with zero warmth, then plan to pay top dollar to have a specialist get you there without dissolving your hair. Don't shy away from it based on what I'm saying. It's worth the time and the effort because you can actually have the hair you want. 

If you want me to be your Blonde Shaman, then come talk to me about the specifics. I'll give you a realistic plan with realistic expectations.

Even if you don't want blonde hair, but your hair is too warm, these guidelines still apply. Schedule a consult and I'll help you get the color you want. 

2) You have to take care of it. The water you wash it in, the products you use on it, the heat you style it with, and the time you wait in between glosses and retouches can cause it to turn warm. I've written about this subject on my blog. You can check it out by clicking the box below. 

Get the right supplies