Factory guest book

The most professional in every area. Serena designs my hair style & color to enhance my facial features. Serena is also intelligent and interesting. I always learn something new. Truly,
— Pat W.
She did an amazing job on my hair! It was absolutely a mess when I came in, but walked out with the best haircut I’ve ever had. Great place with your choice of music.
I loved it! I got to pick my own music, try Kombucha, and I absolutely love my hair. I love that she recycles! I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’m sending everyone. Thanks, Serena!
I went to Serena for the first time today and I was impressed. Her studio is so relaxing. She’s very professional and knows her stuff. I love my new hair!
— D.A.
I love that Serena recycles. I’ve never heard of a salon recycling the hair! When she explained to me what would be done with it, it made me feel like I was doing something good for the environment just by doing something I do every five weeks.
— Jessica
Visited the Beauty Factory for the first time today and it was great! Serena was so nice and the shop was fantastic! So relaxing and made me feel so Good! I will definitely be going back!
— Amy
I absolutely love everything about this studio. Serena told me that she wants people to feel special when they are there and I can tell you that she has succeeded. There is no other place like this that I’ve been to around here. Thank you, Serena, for making this and for my beautiful hair!
— SM
Love this little nook in the world of hair. My hair is healthier than its ever been thanks to Serena and her passion for not only using products that work well but are great for your hair. Everywhere I go I get asked who does my hair!!

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